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    Question Hard Disk Full Ran Disk Inventory X - Sleep Image
    So my Mac HD is full because I partitioned some of it for Window XP through boot camp, and the Mac OS X side is full. Two questions remain...can I decrease the partition size of Windows without erasing the partition or risking anything. But my main concern and question is what the heck is sleep image (macintosh hd/private/var/vm) and why it is 2.0 GB?!? Then theres another file called 2009.07.24.asl ((macintosh hd/private/var/asl) and this is 1.4 GB. What are the reasons for these files, and do I need them? I want to free up some space.

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    You can in fact increase or decrease your Boot Camp partition non-destructively with free software from Paragon. It's called Camp Tune.

    As far as messing with files on the OS X side goes... not recommended.

    What I do recommend, however, is to replace your hard drive with a larger faster model. New fast hard drives are not expensive and the drive in your machine can be replaced by you. Do a search in this forum for instructions, procedures, how to make a backup of OS X and Windows, etc.


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    Sleep Image is a snapshot taken of the state of your system when you put your computer to sleep. It is usually the same size as your installed RAM. It is what allows you to resume doing what you were doing when you wake up your computer, without restarting all of your applications. If you delete it, it will just come back the next time you put your computer to sleep. I'm not sure what the other file is, but like chscag said, don't go deleting files if you don't know what they are. You could cause some serious damage.

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