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    Oh No! I've half-installed Snow Leopard!
    So I downloaded the install packages for Snow Leopard, opened the installer, and began installation. Then, my computer started acting really funny about 75% through the installation process - the keyboard stopped working, applications wouldn't open, and the installation seemed to have stopped making any progress. So, at this point, I foolishly restarted my computer.

    When I started it back up, I got to the gray screen, then it flashed a gray no sign, and a disk with a big ? over it, and cycled through these rapidly, which I know means it can't find the startup disk.

    I'm pretty sure that my copy of Leopard is still intact (I hope!), but the computer doesn't know from which OS to boot, and one of them is only partially installed. Is there a way to sort of reverse this, maybe by removing the new files that the Snow Leopard installer created via target disk mode? Do I have to wipe my hard-drive and do a complete reinstallation of Leopard?

    Please help!

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    And where pray tell did you get it? It's not out until September.
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    Snow Leopard isn't available as a download.
    We're done here.
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    Well, it is available for download if you're have a sufficient apple development membership level, but in that case the NDA agreement prevents you from talking about it in forums such as this.

    So in either case DB is right –&#160;discussion over.

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