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    My Macbook shuts down when I try to play a game or a video.
    So i just woke up this morning and tried to play a game that i have (WoW) but then as soon as i logged in, my macbook shut down. I also tried to watch a video online and then the macbook shut down again. can anyone tell me what they think is wrong? Any help is appreciated please. thank you

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    One of the possible reasons could be overheating. What kind of surface are you using your MB on? For proper ventilation, use it on a hard surface that allows for proper airflow. Secondly, are the fans clogged? Removing any dust or other impediments using something like a can of compressed air will allow the fans to operate to their fullest potential.
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    Also sounds like a possible graphics hardware/driver problem.
    I'm not a mac expert so I can't help specifically.. might give someone else an idea though.

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