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    Can not connect to certain sites now.
    All of a sudden a few days ago, I can not access my homepage, nor check my gmail. This is happening on both Firefox and Safari. I was goofing around with some proxy server settings in Firefox the other day, but it is reset to No Proxy in the Firefox network settings now. I have no idea what may be going on with not accessing certain sites now, thought I may ask if it could be a Apple software update that has something goofed up now? I even went to Mozilla site and downloaded Firefox and reinstalled it - still same problem. My sons PC is connecting to just fine. My iMac is in my office and I use wireless to connect to my Netgear router. Any ideas?


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    Jun 01, 2009
    Problem solved... I kept trying to think, "what have I installed lately?" Answer: PeerGuardian! OK, I admit... I download the occasional this and that using VUE, so I thought the other day, better install a IP list. I came across the PeerGuardian program instead and installed it. Uninstalled it, and viola, no more blocked sites!

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