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    Leopard OSX upgrade
    So i know imma get burnt for this one but im new to this mac stuf...I have a macbook with tiger osx 10.4.11 now i wanna upgrade to 10.5 or leopard...and no i dont wanna wait for snow leopard....anyways where do i get this upgrade and how much does it cost. I dont have a mac store around for a million miles and want this upgrade now so I can use my Ilife 09 that I got for a present...Thnx for your help

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    Apple Store online and almost any other major retailer (amazon, newegg, etc)

    Might also help if you post your location. A lot of colleges seem to have a copy for students highly discounted as well..

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    I checked the apple store nada

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaoticsolja View Post
    I checked the apple store nada
    They most certainly do have it at the Apple Store:

    Mac OS X v10.5.6 Leopard - Apple Store (U.S.)
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