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    Wink Restore missing menu bar icons
    I couldn't figure out why my volume control disappeared.
    Later, I noticed that the "bluetooth" and "airport" icons were also missing.
    I found this solution . . and it worked immediately.

    "A while ago I started encountering a strange effect on my laptop. Every once in a while, all menu bar icons disappeared. Only the Spotlight icon was left, the rest of my menu bar was grey. Turns out that a part of OSX called is responsible for displaying the stuff in the menu bar."

    To get your menu bar icons back, it may help to restart SystemUIServer by doubleclicking it in /System/Library/CoreServices or copy and paste the following command into a Terminal window:

    open /System/Library/CoreServices/

    Hope this works out for you, feel free to leave a comment!

    note from bb: I only had to double click the "SystemUISeriver" and it restored the icons.

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    Post Solution for Snow Leopard
    For Snow Leopard, you can navigate to "/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras", and in that folder are all the system menu icons ending with extension ".menu". Open the one that corresponds to the missing icon, and you have the icon back again.

    Hope I could help

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    Or, you know, you could just turn them back on in System Preferences.

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