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    Jul 03, 2009
    cut and paste from X11 to/from Aqua
    Hi -- I just installed the latest 10.5.7 on my Mac Pro, and notice that cut and paste do not work between X11 and any Aqua application (e.g., Safari). i.e., one can *select* text by dragging over it with the left mouse button, and then _within_ X11 or Safari one can paste it (i.e., middle mouse button for X11, command-c command-v within Safari), BUT one can not go FROM X11 to Safari OR Safari to X11 with any combination of these commands (as one could in Tiger...). Does anyone know an _easy_ solution to this? (I've developed a workaround using pbpaste and pbcopy but it's a very cludgy workaround!)


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    Jul 03, 2009
    Fixed it. The trick was that the XQuartz/ that ships with Leopard is buggy and somewhat out of date, and software update does not update X11. The simple fix is to go to: XQuartz, and download and install the latest version. As of 2009.07.11, it's X11.pkg version released. Then, open X11 and click on Preferences -> Pasteboard, and put checks in all 5 boxes to make the clipboard and pasteboard listen and talk with each other.

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Missing pasteboard pane in prefs

    I have updated my X11 installation with the latest release (XQuartz (xorg-server 1.4.2-apple42)) and I have still no "Pasteboard" pane in my prefs window.

    I (almost) succeeded to get cut/paste working by directly setting the good values in org.x.X11.plist. In fact paste from X11 to Mac world works only with middle mouse button....

    But I would really like to know why I don't see this Pasteboard pane...


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