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    Disable Autocomplete completly!
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here. my question is that is there a way to disable autocomplete history, bookmarks and top sites in Safari 4?

    i disabled it in Safari - Pref - Autofil
    I also looked it up on the web and found some "solutions" but non of them work:

    Here's how
    (1) In Safari go to History>Clear History
    (2) Close Safari
    (3) Go to Home>Library>Safari
    (4) Get Info on the File History.plist
    a) Change Ownerships & Permissions to Read Only
    b) Check the locked tab on top
    c) Click on the little lock icon on the bottom

    • 1.reset and quit safari
    • 2.trash the history.plist
    • 3.launch safari and go to any site in ur bookmarks
    • 4.a new history.plist has been created. get info on it and lock it b4 denying any access to it

    Back in Dec '03 the OS X Tips article mentioned using the Get Info window to lock the history.plist file to disable autocompletion of fields such as the Google search term window. Great idea, but I think the file to lock is Form Values (in your home level:Library:Safari folder).

    Because this file isn't cleared when you clear history, it seems you need to throw it away (it's OK, it gets replaced next time you use Safari). After running Safari again, filling in, say, a Google search term (one you want to remember, perhaps), quit Safari again, then lock the new Form Values file.

    As the tip suggested, this will allow autocompletion to persist inside one launch of Safari, but not to cross over to the next launch. Handy if you're tired of seeing dozens of guesses, or incorrect guesses, in the autocompletion list. To restore the original functionality, just unlock the file.

    FWIW, you need to quit Safari before locking or throwing away any of these files. Also FWIW, I think the original tip - - clearing your history (in the History menu), quitting Safari, then locking the history.plist file (same method, same library folder) - - probably disables history memory, which might also occasionally be handy.

    Safari continues to accumulate image files regardless of the Reset action.

    If you are using High Speed Internet, you can stop the image and file accumulations as follows:

    First, in Safari, open Safari Reset in the Safari Menu. Select "empty the cache", and "remove all web page preview images". Select "reset".

    Next, go to the Finder. Command/3 to open in Column mode.

    In Your User Account>Library>Caches> folder:
    Single-click on Web Page Preview folder, then Command/I to open the Info panel. Lock the folder.
    Same with the cache.db file.

    Also, in Caches >Metadata>Safari folder, move all the bookmarks files to the trash, then open the Info panel for the Bookmarks folder and lock it.

    Disable Auto-Complete Web Adress:
    defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeFancyURLCompletionList -bool NO

    Disable Google auto suggestions:
    defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeGoogleSuggest -bool NO
    Disable Top Sites feature:
    defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeTopSites -bool NO

    How to disable CoverFlow in Safari 4:
    CoverFlow looks really good and it’s a nice function but when you have hundreds of bookmarks it might slow down the Safari perfomance. In those cases it might be just better to disable CoverFlow which you can simply do by running the command posted below in Terminal.

    defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeFlowViewInBookmarksView -bool NO

    Undoing ALL Safari 4 changes
    There is a simple way to restore Safari 4 to default. Just use the command posted below. If you just like to reverse one of options you’ve changed, simply replace “NO” with “YES” at the end of the command on the desired option and re-run it in Terminal.

    defaults delete


    Can someone please help me! thank you!

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    Boy, I don't know if Apple made a solution to that one. I believe they think that everyone will like their browser the way it is. Perhaps you should try Firefox.
    Chris K.

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