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    Unhappy Boot Loops
    Hey people! I am having some troubles with my Mac Mini and I am hoping I can get some information here on these forums.

    I have had some troubles with my Mac Mini when it began telling me my hard disk was almost full. One day, it decided to freeze up on me (literally) and thus I initiated a forced reset. This caused my computer to stop booting.

    I cannot go further than the grey screen of booting, with the gear spinning non-stop. I cannot use verbose mode, nor safe mode, and even less single-user mode. Verbose and safe mode will say "unable to load /etc/mach_init errno2" after 16 lines of white text on black. Then I cannot do anything except shutting down my computer.

    Disk Utility claims my keys are unordered when I do "verify disk", and "repair disk" does not go any further than the building catalog b-tree part. It stops there.

    But I can always go on Open Firmware. However, this does not allow me to save my files in my USB Key.

    Any ideas and/or suggestions?

    Thanks for all your help.

    -Dark Daxter

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    Sounds like your hard drive may have failed. Try performing the Apple Hardware Test for your machine.

    Read this article from the "X" labs on how to perform the AHT for PPC machines. Link


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    Well I just went ahead and did what it said on the website. I will let it run over night and see what happens... I omit to say that yes I did do a test to see if anything was wrong with my hard drive but it claimed that all works fine.

    Maybe this will give me something.

    -Dark Daxter

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    Sorry for the double post, but I have gotten an error message during the extended hardware test.

    2STF/8/3:ATA-100 ata-6 - Master

    Loop #15 - Total Time: 01:41:19

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