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    10.5.7 - Horror Story

    I must have updated to 10.5.7 a week or two ago and ever since this update (or perhaps the more recent set for iLife and iWork) everything I loved about Mac has taken a nasty turn for the worst. And I mean I was just aone breath short of taking a hammer and putting it through the screen last night!

    I eventually googled the issues again for the nth time and found a lg thread of folk with similar troubles and no solutions on offer - worse still no patch from apple to fix the problem.

    I am on a 24 inch iMac (Gen 1 intel)

    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac6,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz

    The problem is that the machine is continually freezing up forcing hard restarting. The mouse seems to be the issue here. Whatever this update has done it seems to have effected both the mouse and memory. sometimes 2 clicks on the desktop are enough to take me to the beach... other times just switching between apps will do it.

    I have done it all... repaired permissions, cleaned caches etc (several times). Have done this with both DU and OnyX. I have restarted with the Cmd + Opt down and also done the P + R trick - again numerous times. Nothing will fix this problem. I cannot even fall back on a time machine backup as the disk I had that on failed.... I have had no less than 6 external HD's fail on me in little over 2 years.

    I cannot afford another at the moment so therefore a reinstall of the OS is completely out of the question. With a computer that is little more than an ornament at present I am beginning to seriously re-think all the good things I had to say about Mac. I loathe Windows (and believe me that is an understatement). What I loved most about switching to Mac was the ability to work... and do lots instead of constantly sweeping for viruses and spyware etc and fiddling with security issues, broken dlls and registries. But right now with a Mac that is about as much use as a teat on a fish I'd sooner have the PC - I never had an update that continually crashed my machine and affected my mouse like this.

    I have scanned console logs etc - no indication whatsoever as to what causes the problem or a clue how one miight go about troubleshooting. Again Windows is pretty terrible at this too but is way ahead of apple in this respect. Mac = total mystery!

    So I am seriously doubtful that there is anyone here who can perhaps provie a useful solution to the issue (maybe I am wrong here) but has anyone heard of an apple fix for the problem in the pipeline?

    Here is just one article relating to the issue Apple fail: Leopard 10.5.7 causes freezing, overheating issues

    If anything my machine is underheating... as opposed to overheating and still the machine freezes. I have been using smc for 2 years or so now due to graphic chip issues

    - Forgot to mention the machine often freezes at the login screen and immediately on boot up too... often taking about an hour before I can get the machine started without playing sandcastles with bouncing beachballs.

    - so I shall watch this thread for further discussion and to see if there have been any developments but will warn anyone - think twice before you upgrade

    DO NOT INSTALL 10.5.7 without reading up on the issues affecting many - particularly it seems MBP users!

    Apple were quick to address an update issue just prior to Leo coming out as I remember... The timing of this one seems suspiciously similar with Snow Leopard going on Sale in September... Typical I would now have to say - making us believe our systems are broken and upgrading will solve all our woes. I seriously thought Apple were better that stooping to underhanded marketing ploys usually attributable to Windows!

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    Sorry to read about all your problems, however, the great majority of users who have upgraded to 10.5.7 - regardless of which Mac they own - have had no difficulty whatsoever.

    A suggestion: Run the Apple Hardware Test on your machine. Could very well be a hardware problem coincidental and made worse with the installation of 10.5.7.

    Try installing the combo update....

    Of course you should really reinstall the OS if everything is in as bad a shape as you claim. I know you stated you can not afford to buy an external hard drive at the moment but I don't see how you can adequately trouble shoot the machine without some sort of backup. I don't know of anyone who has had 6 external hard drives fail in two years.... perhaps if someone were running a 24:7 BBS, and maybe not then.


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    Another suggestion - whenever you make a major system upgrade, be sure to do a full backup. This way, you can easily roll back should something go awry.

    I have had no trouble with 10.5.7 personally, but have seen at least one botched install on a customer's machine (standard White MacBook, 2,1).
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    Without taking anything away from the value of the Forum, do you have an Apple Care warranty and did you ever call an Apple tech? One of the compelling reasons for buying a Mac--either laptop or desktop--is to pay the extra money and get help when you're totally baffled.

    Just wondering. No criticism.

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