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    Mac Mail help needed - account deleted
    I have one account on the Mail program on my G4. While I was getting set up on a new Road Runner account I did something that deleted my old account. I created a new account. The old and new account are called by the same e-mail address. What I'm trying to do is to locate on my computer all the emails that were in the old account. Even though I wiped the old account, I didn't [ at least I think ] trash all the old email.

    Can I still recover my old emails? And if so, where would they be on my computer? Any help much appreciated.

    I've looked in HD>Users>Username>Library>Mail
    and all I see are emails from the current account. Nothing from the old account.

    This happened June 16, 2004. And I can find no emails dated before that. Everthing I can find in HD>Users>Username>Library>Mail is still all the same emails I can see on my Mail program on my desktop.

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    Well I think that one of 2 things may have happened:

    a) You deleted the account and all the mails were deleted along with that.
    b) You deleted the account, but the e-mail mailboxes were kept. By creating another account with the same name, the old mailboxes were overwritten by the newer mailboxes of the same name.

    So basically I think the e-mails are gone from your system.

    Depending on your mail service and the way it was set up, there might be a copy of your messages on your providers server that you can access through a webmail interface.

    So if you can log on to your account through the webmail service, you might be able to access older mail that isn't downloading to the new account as it is marked as 'read'...

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    This highlights the need for regular backups... even with a Mac.

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    If your old account was set up to wipe the emails from your server straight away then the old emails are most likely lost. Try connecting to the account and see if it downloads the old emails. Good luck !!!

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