I tried to upgrade my first generation MacBook Pro 17" with Tiger to a Leopard.6 from a upgrade disk just bought and I get HD complaints.

BTW, I have backed up everything to an external drive with superduper and can boot Tiger from that with no problems.

When I choose my internal HD for upgrade it shows a warning that it cannot install and I need to partition it (same message for the external HD). Both HD are Mac formatted so it surprises me.

I changed the old internal 120GB hard drive 6 months ago to the same brand but with 320GB, can that be an issue with "non-native" HD's? Have had no issues with the new HD.

I could not reboot from my internal drive from the installation manager as it did not show it, so luckily I could see the external HD and reboot from that so I could get out the upgrade disc!

Any suggestions?

I also want to easily have all my files and applications including parallells 4 and fink software transfered without losing anything. What is the best way to do that if I can solve the first problem?