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    10.3.8 update & Mail / iChat problems

    I've noticed that there seem to be a wide range of problems associated with the latest OS update (fan noise, eject button, HD filling up, etc). The problem I am having is with Mail. I've noticed on other forums that this is seems to be a common problem for others but haven't heard much about it on this forum. Is anyone here having similar problems?

    My Mail programme doesn't work anymore - I cannot get my gmail account (or my .Mac trial account for that matter) to go online to retrieve or send any mail. I get the following error:
    "There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check the settings for account “Gmail” or try again.
    The server error encountered was: The connection to the server “” on port 995 timed out."

    I haven't changed anything and am not running a firewall. I tried deleting my gmail account in mail and re-entering the info again to set it up. I have recently run cron scripts and repaired permissions. I have emptied the caches in my browsers.

    My gmail account was working perfectly in Mail until just after the update. I am also having trouble with iChat and Proteus and cannot bring them online either.

    Last, for a few days I wasn't even able to log into my email accounts on the WWW because my iBook couldn't find the servers. Somehow that fixed itself. Crazy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this problem. I have heard that going back to 10.3.7 worked for some people. Is there any easy way to do so? I would rather not reinstall the OS again.



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    Um, ok ... the instant I sent this post I noticed that my gmail account has suddenly managed to go online and can now send/receive email.
    What is up with this?
    I didn't do anything to bring this about (I'm happy nonetheless).

    My iChat now works as well. Hey, how about that, so does proteus.

    What a strange week.


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    Egg on my face
    Really sorry guys for this false alarm.

    My landlord finally got back to me (he is the one that controls the router for our apartment block) and said that ooooppppsss, he increased some security settings on the router which closed off some ports that weren't being used - well, at least not by him

    Anyhow, he opened the ports that I needed opened and all is fine.

    Take care,


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    rofl, well great to hear that everything is ok

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