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    Disk Utility formatted an unreadable flash drive
    A new Kingston 1 GB flash drive was unreadable on OSX 10.4.11 and on a OSX 10.5 computer. It was readable on a OSX 10.4.9 compuer. I wanted to be able to transfer files from a Mac to a Windows XP machine. so I decided to format it by erasing etc. under 10.4.9 I chose the Windows-DOS format. There was no FAT 32 option. After the formatting took place, the flash drive was not visible on the OSX 10.4.9 computer. Where do I go from here to
    1. See the flash drive
    2. Format it so it will be usable on a Mac and a Windows XP macine.

    I have another smaller flash drive where I did this a few years ago. It should work.

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    What file system was the flash drive using before you erased it and attempted to format it? I've never seen a flash drive sold with any other file system on it other than MS DOS.

    You may have destroyed your flash drive by attempting to format it. Flash drives are not like hard drives and sometimes can not be completely erased and reformatted the same way without damaging them.


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    I do not know. All I know is that it varied in readability with 3 Macs.

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