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    Lost all install disks...need to format
    I have moved 3 times in the last six months and managed to lose my Tiger install disks and the leopard install disks. I wanted to use bootcamp but when I tried running the bootcamp utility it told me that I needed to format my hard drive using my install disks. I know I can get a copy of the Tiger install disks from MacSupport for ~$17 but then I can't use time machine to restore my computer's previous image. I am thinking about just buying a new leopard install disk. If I do this will it allow me to format my hd and reinstall leopard using the leopard install disk or do I actually need my original install disks to format?

    Things that you might need to know...
    -I upgraded my hard drive on my own, which i guess is why boot camp is telling me that i need to format it before it can partition it.
    -I bought my Macbook Pro in Feb 07 with Tiger installed and upgraded to Leopard when it came out

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    You will need the system disks that came with your mac. Installing a hard drive yourself won't make any difference, its asking you to reformat because bootcamp adds a partition of which Windows is installed on to.

    Any copy of Leopard or Tiger is fine, new or found, however you will need the original install discs.

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    thank you

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    You could use carbon copy cloner to copy your installed os to an external drive, boot from that drive, format your internal drive (must format in guid for bootcamp to work), then ccc your os back to the internal drive.

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