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    Angry 10.5.7 sound & other disasters
    I downloaded 10.5.7 combo direct from the apple site (not the G5's inbuilt software update), installed it, then installed the 8.2 update to iTunes from the inbuilt updater, then the installed the upgrade to Quicktime 7.6.2 (having returned from holiday to find all these updates required to my previously fine G5, pre-intel). Each time I rebooted before installing the next update.

    Now iTunes will not play anything and I have no sound in any programme on the mac. It seems that mute is turned on somehow but keyboard releases are not working and neither are repaired permissions, reboots etc. What is more the sound preference pane says there is no output device (not even the inbuilt speakers)

    I see from many posts that 10.5.7 has caused a lot of sound probs, but has anyone any solutions please? I now have a totally naff computer that was previously fine. Not looking to archive and install if I can help it. Hoping I can wind back to previous harmonious state with Time Machine but await any ideas from the forum as I have never tried a wind-back before.

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    If you have the combo updater try running that again now that you have done iTunes and QT. Certainly a better step that trying to go back i think

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    Thanks for the suggestion. After much research took advice of zapping P-RAM and all sound restored!!! For any others with same problem...

    Shut down (or restart) computer and as soon as it starts up, hold down (simultaneously) Command-Option-P-R keys (four fingers!). Computer will 'boing' startup sound, keep holding keys until startup sound heard twice then let go all keys and startup will complete (in Prefs make sure startup disc containing MacOSX is still selected). All should be well again.

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