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    want to move the contents of a LOT of folders, but not the folders
    question! is there a way to move the files within all folders and not move the actual folders? i have tons of music on an external HD and i want to move them onto my macbook pro. however, the way itunes organized them previously on my pc and how they are on my external is that each artist has a folder and each album has a folder in that artist folder. i really don't need any of that anymore and would just want them all in one large folder for my music. is there a program i can use to move only the actual files and no folders over automatically? i have thousands of these folders so i don't want to do this manually.

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    Sounds to me like a Script might be the best method but i am no expert on that, so how about Automator - have you looked at that to see if you can set up the workflow in that, there are a number of available ones that should do the trick.

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    oh, i just realized that the easiest way is sooo easy. i'm just importing into itunes on the macbook pro and setting up the itunes settings so it doesn't reorganize when i import. sorry for starting the topic!

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