Hi everyone.
I am the IT Officer at a private school, which has hundreds of Macs and 20 or so printers around the place.

One of our printer models is the HP p2015dn, which has a known issue in which if you give it a static IP, it doesn't stick, and seems to forget the setting every couple of months, resorting to a dynamic IP address. Luckily, changing it is just a matter of printing a network config page, connecting to its IP address, and changing it back.

However, I am new here and the other IT technician mustn't have realised this option - instead, he just re-added the printer from the add-printer browser to the list of printers (whether he did this via the Mac server or on each computer individually, I'm not sure). So now there is about 10 'Library Printers' in the list of printers, and only one of them points to the active IP address. You'd think this would be just a matter of opening up the print preferences and removing the redundant ones. However, the list in the system preferences only shows 3 printers, while the list from the print menu from any application (i.e TextEdit, Microsoft Word, etc) shows all the redundant printers.

You might suggest I look on the workgroup manager to see if these computers have their list controlled by the server. Well, yes they do - however, the server is only showing those 3 printers that you see in the local system preferences.

Any help would be much appreciated! I'm really trying to sophisticate the network a bit as it was left in shreds.