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    Pop ups with safari
    I am now getting popups, one or two a day. I use both firefox and safari during the day, I keep a lot of windows open. I like safari better because of the natural spellcheck, but sometimes on forums I use firefox and have a typo that happens. Has anyone had this issue with safari after the last update? Yes popups are turned off.

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    yea, its a new thing called popunders, pop up blockers qont block it, if youd like more info without my having to go through and explain it in depth, go to and in the home page where the latest news and articles are, a few pages in is one called popunders. and Ive been trying to figure out how to spell check in firefox too, with no luck.

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    thanks for the
    macman, irule to you, you never have written so well in any of your posts as that one.
    congragulations. wink, wink nod nod.

    the link helps, it is an issue ........ just surfing the waves of life with my friends at a age I won't admit yet.
    that's me.... ripping the waves. Macs rule, and I am riding that new break.

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    I am finding on some sites i get the Free Smilies pop up.. i'll also donwload that. thanks macman.

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    Well it's not a wide spread issue I guess; I have seen none at all lately (since last deliberate test)

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