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    Installing OS 9 after Jaguar
    Is it possible to install OS 9 after Jaguar has been installed? I just got a used iMac with Jaguar preloaded. It didn't come with any system cds. I would like to keep Jaguar, but I want OS 9 as well. I have the 9.1 disc, so I'm set there, but when I tried installing it I got a message saying 9.1 is already installed. Is it referring to classic mode, or is 9.1 actually on here and the startup disc just hasn't been copied to the hard drive? If this is the case, how do I make a startup disc on the hard drive?

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    Before you do anything else!

    1. Go to the little "Blue Apple" in the top left of the screen.
    2. Click the little blue apple and go down to "System Preferences" and click.
    3. You will see a little icon of a "Hard Drive-with a question mark on top" labeled "Start-up Disk". Click on it.
    4. Once you've clicked on "Start-up"....hopefully there are two partitions on the hard drive. One for OSX and one for OS9.
    5. If this is the case....simply select the "OS9 hard disk" and click restart.

    Let us know more after you go through this. Maybe OS9 is only on there in classic form, but you have to inform us for further help.

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    Yeah, do what goodolewinches says. If after that, you find you don't have OS9 installed, OS9 can be installed sort of "under" OSX. So you are pretty much in a win-win situation here
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    unless you have a new machine, in which case you can only have "Classic mode" OS 9, which is non-bootable

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    I have the same problem as alexmd.
    Unfortunately there is no OS 9 entry in "Start-up Disk".
    The user manual says that the machine will not boot in OS 9 and I should use Classic, but as there is no OS 9 - Classic will not start.
    Any ideas?

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    I have a dual 450 G4 with 1GB ram. I completely reformated the HD and Installed 10.3. I then decided to install OS9 but the machine refused to install it. I also tried to boot off the 9.2 CD and it refused saying It did not have a valid system (os 9) on it.

    The othe problem is before 10.3 I could play DVDs on the system. After 10.3 DVDs won't play. It ejects the DVD after 30 seconds. Does not appear on the desktop. Other CDs will. including data music.

    What am I doing wrong?


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