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    Question Upgrading from Panther to Leopard
    Hi everybody,

    I have an iMac, purchased in December 2003, with a 1.25GHz G4 proccessor, 120GB Hard Drive and 1 Gb of RAM, it was supplied with OSX Panther and I have applied all the on line updates to get me to version 10.3.9.

    I want to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes but now apparently need to upgrade my operating system to support this.

    I understand that OSX has moved up from 10.3 Panther through 10.4 Tiger and is now at 10.5 Leopard.

    My question is . . . if I purchase the new Leopard OSX 10.5 operating system software, can I upgrade from Panther all the way to Leopard or do I need to purchase the intermediate Tiger software and upgrade to that first.

    If anybody out there who knows the answer to this/has experienced this I would be very pleased to hear about it



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    You do not need to go thru Tiger to get to Leopard. Luckily Apple does not sell upgrade vs full install disks at varying price points the way some other OS developer does. There is only one consumer retail version of each OS.

    You do not want to use the simple upgrade when installing. If you're wanting to keep your current settings, etc. you want to use the archive and install option.

    However, there are many programs that you may have that will not be compatible with Leopard. You should verify that your software will work with Leopard if you do not want to upgrade all of that also. ex. Some older versions of Photoshop will not run under Leopard.

    You might also want some feedback from some users with that processor to find out their recommendations as to whether Leopard will run fine or if you should stop at Tiger.
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