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    External Drives and copying Problems!

    I have a Mac Mini and Macbook Pro both running 10.5.7 (but same problems on 10.5.6). I am a switcher, so still a bit new to mac world :-)

    I have an old External Harddrive Seagate unit which has a new 1tb disk in it (formatted in Mac format with Journal etc). Have had no problems in copying from Mac > seagate device and it contains all my music etc.

    I then bought a RAIDON device, holds 2 x 1tb disks and a RJ45 interface. I have formatted it as RAID 0 and EXT2. I did not want to do FAT32 due to 4gb file limit. Is EXT2 fully supported by Mac?

    i can connect to the RaidON device and copying files onto it from my macmini or macpro is fine.

    However if I copy large amounts of data from my other Seagate device > raidon I get problems. Either it just stalls half way through copying, or I get permission problems at some point.

    I have scanned the disk, no errors etc. I have also doubled checked the permissions and my user has full read / write.

    Is there anything else I am missing? Can I reset or permissions at a command layer? seems what you can do in the GUI is a bit limited?

    I have also tried some RSync mac based apps and no luck (like arsync) but they tend to just freeze half way through.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Mac OS X can not write to Ext2 or 3. You will need third party software such as "Paragon ExtFS Mac". Link

    There is also a free method which I am not familiar with. Check on Source Forge Net. Link


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    Then how am I copying files from my MacBook Pro to my RAIDON device which is EXT2 and I have no problems opening / playing stuff back? Not had any problems at all.

    Its only from my FAT32 external device > NAS Raidon

    Doing some more checking - I keep getting error -36 on only a few files but then crashes. Doing some more googling seems a lot of people have been having these issues but no answers on what to do.

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    Seems I will end up answering my own problem! :-) In case someone else runs into this ....

    The solution after a LOT of messing was to delete all .DS_Store and ._.DS_Store files from the FAT32 External drive. Problem then fixed. The Issue was that extended permissions were on those files and EXT2 did not like them!

    In the end I did the following from root of external drive.

    find . -name '.*DS_Store' | xargs -I {} rm {}

    I also then added my external drive in spotlight settings to ignore indexing and also did

    defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

    I am hoping thats enough to stop it from happening again!

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