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    getting html tags off of pics
    I'm trying to post pictures on some promoters forums. I know on pc you right click and look at properties to get the html tags to allow you to post, but when I right click on my mac and go to get info it only tells me that it's a jpg. So how do I go about getting html tags for picture on my mac?

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    the only way i can think of atm is to control click then select "view source" and try and decipher the code that way by looking for the appropriate html code eg <img src="/fs_img/bannertype/overture/
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    In safari if you are using tabs you can drag the picture to the tab bar it will open it up in another tab with the address in the address bar.

    In firefox you can right click and copy image location
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    cool thanks. I just had to drag the picture to the address bar

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