So i have a 400GB harddrive that i was moving my 170GB of music onto. the Main folder is MUSIC on both my mac and the HDD that i am moving it to. each folder is a diff. artist and i have them all moved, however i noticed that there are 902 folders in my mac's MUSIC folder, and only 897 on the external. When i try to move the individual folders, the disappear immediately. for an example, one folder is named Uffie. Its on the external, but i cant see it in either finder or pathfinder. if i try to move again, it asks to replace the one already there. but still cant see it. if i make a new folder and name it like uffie1.. it disappaers as soon as i hit 'enter' to save the rename from untitled folder. any ideas?
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
doesnt work when i relaunch finder, so they're arent hidden (i guess) and they dont show up in spotlight... and its just the 5 folders names