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Thread: Classic OS 9.1 Will Not Start Up

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    Classic OS 9.1 Will Not Start Up
    Hello to all. I am new to this Forum and I am throwing myself on your mercy as I just don't know what to try next.

    So here the story. I have not been able to run OS 9 Classic on my G4 desktop for 2 years. Here is the configuration ; Duel 500GH with 768MB Ram. I am running two 120 GB 7200RPM HDs. I am now running the 10.3.8 OS on my main hard drive.

    I have a scsi Microtech scanner that I would like to be able to use on my system and have not been able to for at least 2 years. I have a SCSI card and have used them both in OS 9 successfully before upgrade.

    This is what I have tried so far. I have brought a copy of the original OS that came with this G4 (PowerMac G4 Install with OS 9.2.1) on it and up graded the OS 9.1 classic that has been on the system and not been able to start up with the systems OS 10.2.8 thru OS 10.3.8. Well guess what it still is crashing at start up of classic OS every time.

    I have other reasons that I need to run the classic as well, like a TV graphics card that will only work in classic. Plus some older software.

    Any help would be greatly appreicated.

    Thanks, Richard

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    For those of you that may be having some of the same issues as I was with OS 9 check out the the first reply to nearly the same question.

    I have always been a bit leary of doing what that clean install for fear of losing all of my other OS that is 10.3.8. Doing it did not touch it and it is just fine. But it does not get rid of any of the other systems that may be on your harddrive either. Like OS 9.1 which causing me to crash at startup.

    So I would now like to know how to get rid of those other OSs because 10.3.8 will not let me delete them.


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    If I understood you well, you have 10.3.8, 9.1 and 9.2.1 installed, and OS X uses the 9.1 as Classic.
    Well, to get rid of 9.1, you can either boot with 9.2.1 and delete the 9.1 system folder. Next time you start Classic in 10.3.8 it will search for a OS9 system folder, and find the 9.2.1. It will tell you that the Classic system folder needs to be updated, and asks you if you want to do that. Just click ok.

    Or, boot OS X, change the Classic system folder manually (you will have both OS9 versions as choice in your Classic settings in the System prefs) to 9.2.1, and it'll let you erase 9.1. You might need to log out and in before being allowed to erase it.

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    Thanks I was successful in deleting the previous system from the hard drive thanks to you. I am now able to start up Classic OS 9.2.2 without it crashing for the first time in two years.
    Thanks Again, Richard

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