Hey all,

First post on the forums and unfortunately not such a good one. I hope this is in the right section, but I am having issues with my volume keys (F10,F11,F12) working correctly. I just purchased one of the new unibody 2.4GHz 13.3" MacBook's about 3 weeks ago. Had no issues with it until now. I guess this is the first time I've plugged something in the headphone jack, but initially after I plugged something in, the volume keys wouldn't change volume. The only way I could change it was by going to the Youtube video or iTunes and changing the slider. After opening the System Preferences --> Sounds --> Output it would work correctly.

However, now this is doing it for my speakers too. I unplugged my headphones and my volume keys still will not change the volume. I am not getting a red light out of the headphone jack and I do not have the circle with the slash below my volume level when I click the buttons. When I push them it still makes the little pop and the bar shows the level changing, but the level never changes. Also if I click the main sound indicator at the top bar next to the clock and click the buttons, it does not show the volume changing.

This happened last night with headphones, today with headphones, and just now without headphones. I am almost positive a restart would fix the issue, but that seems more like a Band-Aid than a solution to permanently fix the issue. I would rather not have to restart my computer every time I plug in headphones or take them out.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Bryan M.