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    Could anyone give me a link or tell me how to connect to other users, through an ethernet connection, in OS 10.2? (i.e, Chooser, appletalk, password) :blink:

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    go to System Preferences > Sharing. there you will find your sharing information and computer name, and a tab for Appletalk. in OS X, everything you need as far as computer information (like passwords and users) will be in your System Preferences. if there are some stuff you wanna change that isnt there, its in a seperate App in your /Applications/Utilities ... there youll find like Keychain access (passwords) and System Profiler. hopefully this will help with what youre looking for.

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    To connect to an AppleTalk share, in the Finder choose Go -> Connect to Server (CMD + K).
    If you have a firewall running on either the server or client machine, make sure you open up TCP port 548, since this is the port upon which data is transmitted for AppleTalk over IP.

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