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    Firewall log is scaring me
    Hi there, I use a Mac desktop version 10.4.11. I do a lot of gaming on here and recently had to add some programs to my Mac for them. While trying to get the programs running I stumbled onto my firewall log, noticed tons of these sketchy messages

    "ipfw: Stealth Mode connection attempt "my teamspeex server address"
    "35000 Deny UDP"

    and these messages are coming out at a rate of 10 or so per second. It may help to note what exactly i installed around the time I noticed this in the log. One of the programs is called teamspeex its like a voice program that allows you to speak within a private channel. The other one is called Tiko and technically its not a download but I run it off of a website in order to access another internet relay chat(IRC).

    One thing I did notice is as i stumble around the logs is a lot of wording that corresponds directly with Teamspeex. The most obvious thing is the Teamspeex server address that was provided to me by my gaming clan, it appears after every "stealthmode connection attempt message"

    So I guess what I'm asking is are these messages normal? Should I be concerned? If so any advice on where to start? Thank you in advance

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    My advice is to get Little Snitch if you want to track what your computer is trying to send out. It does give the ability to control what is sent and what is blocked.

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    OK i got little snitch up and running, though I can't honestly say I even understand half the "deny" or "allow" choices its giving me. One thing I did want to ask is I noticed when I try to enter the IRC I use in Tiko, I am presented with a Java Applet Certificate, says it wants full access to my computer and doesn't run when i choose to run it with standard java restrictions. IS this as bad as it sounds when it says i"m agreeing to allow full access to my computer. I also noticed that the license in the Java Applet is expired, is this cause for concern?

    Sorry if I'm asking too much too fast, it's just that I know very little about computer security and now I am a little apprehensive with this whole fire log situation and what not

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