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Thread: Total Mystery

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    Total Mystery
    alright, i can't figure this out for the life of me.
    I have a microsoft word document saved in my documents folder on my internal hard drive. Its not there. Once I do a search for it, it shows up on the search as being there and then it appears.
    If i restart the computer then it disappears and i have to do a search for it for it to reappear.
    any guesses?

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    also, could this be related. The numeric part of my keyboard locks up my computer.
    I need to do a force quit. I can use the numbers up top, but the key pad to the right of the keyboard is no good.
    another mystery.
    please help

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    very strange. try repairing permissions, run cron scripts, reset pram, and after doing a search for it and you see it, try dragging it to the desktop.

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    Well.. I suggest copying the file. Changing its name, or altering its extension, then changing its extension back to what it was.

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