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    How do I see my 128 bit Hex key?
    Hey all. This is a new issue for me when I upgraded to Leopard. Our house has an airport express as our wireless. It is password protected with a word as our password. Everything has been fine up until now because we all have Macs. Our new roommate has a PC running XP and it is asking for a hex key of 25 character to connect to the wireless network. Our PW is only 9 characters, and doesn't work on his PC. I remember this being an issue a while back as well, but I was running Tiger. I remember there being a way to show the wep key, and there being a check box saying show hex equivalent. Now in Leopard I can't find that option. How do I find out the Hex key so our roommate can use the internet? Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Anyone know how to do this? I thought this question was amateur and would be answered quickly. Guessed wrong on that one.

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    On your main computer, the one to which the Airport Time Capsule or base station is attached, open Airport Utility; then select the Base Station image on the left; then, in the menu bar at the top, click "Base Station" drop-down menu; and there, second from the bottom, will be "Equivalent Network Password..." This is the string you need to copy into your PC's network password settings. It would be easiest to copy the whole string via a Word or text document onto a USB thumb drive that you then connect to your PC, and copy and paste that long string into the right place. (If the "Equivalent Networkd Password..." option is greyed out, you're using the wrong computer for your home network, maybe a laptop? Use the main one that's physically connected to your airport device.)

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    If you did a search for Hex Key you would have found this from a couple of days ago. Hope it helps:-

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