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    Question Regarding Password Required for Remote LAN Printer
    I have a new 24" iMac running Leopard 10.5.6

    I have successfully introduced my iMac to my home LAN consisting of three Windows PCs and two HP printers. I can access all the printers. However, each time I go to print, I am requested to enter my password (and what it's looking for is my iMac login password). And each time I go through this, I check the box to retain this password on my Keychain. But it never does retain it.

    A related question. As the registered user/owner, am I not entitled to see what any of my passwords are? If I go to Access Keychain, and select Login and then any item on the list (e.g. HP Printer), I am asked to enter my password. I do, and then I get the message "Access to this item is restricted".

    Thanks in advance for any help....

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    How is your printer attached to the network? Is it directly on the LAN via Jetdirect or is is attached to one of the windows PCs. Also, XP or Vista if it is attached.

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