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    Setting desktop background pictures?
    Hi, ive got a new macbook aluminium and im having trouble setting the background pictures in a folder that i have made.
    In the pictures folder i have created a new folder which i place photos from the internet into, however i can't find a way in which to set them as desktop backgrounds. Ive tried "right clicking" them and also going through the systems menu and have had no luck.
    I hope this makes sense and someone can help me.

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    right click on the desktop and click "change desktop background..."

    from there, you'll want to click this -

    .. which will bring up a search menu where you will find the folder you made, which will put that folder into the list above the button.

    as you can see in the picture, i basically did exactly what you did and made a folder called "wallpapers" for stuff i find online. you can see how it's now in the list of folders above.

    edit: and gratz, have fun with yer macbook

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    Thanks alot, ive just done as you've said and it worked perfectly.
    One other question completely off topic, how did you take a screen shot of what i needed to do?

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    Screenshots - hold down 'shift + command + 3' for the entire screen and 'shift + command + 4' to pick an area of the screen.

    Then you can use Skitch to make comments, pointers, etc. and get it posted to the web for sharing.
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    You can also push "Shift - Command - 4", push the space bar (cursor is now a camera) and take pictures of individual windows (including the dock and menu bar minus the icons on the right).
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