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    ibook G4 upgrade - Panther 3.9-to Leopard
    Can anyone give advice- or is it even possible to upgrade straight to the most current retail version of Leopard from Panther 3.9 on the ibook G4(768M ram).
    Will we have to upgrade all our applications? (Adobe suite, MS Office). If I back the old system up onto a hard drive, can I reboot from that if my installation is unsuccessful? From the other posts, people seem to be having trouble doing this (upgrading). Can it be done by in a way that will make it as robust as the current system without my being a certified technician? Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure whether it is possible, what processor does your iBook have? It may well be worth holding out for Snow Leopard as reports are looking at a june release being likely. I have reinstalled Leopard on my Macbook, and it is now no different to how it was before. You will be absolutely fine if you go ahead and do it yourself. Extremely easy task.

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    Even if you do get Leopard installed on the iBook, it would run a little bit sluggish.
    You are probably better off keeping what you have, but if you are intent on upgrading the OS, I wouldn't go any higher than 10.4 Tiger.
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