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    Question Broken Disk Drive but Want to Upgrade to OSX...Impossible?
    Hi Everyone,

    My husband and I are looking to upgrade from 9.2 to OSX. Problem is, our disk drive broke last summer. We went to Comp USA yesterday (incidently, they were pretty clueless on Mac issues) and bought a new disk drive. We wanted a DVD burner, and we thought we got one that would work with OS 9 (the only one they had that was Mac compatible). I figured, we'll buy the new disk drive, then we can acquire and install OSX from the disk. When we got home with the DVD burner, we found out it will only work with OSX. So we have a disk drive that will only work with OSX, but we can't get OSX without a disk drive!!

    Any suggestions? Thoughts? Tips? Is there any way to get OSX on my computer even though I have no disk drive? Can a person buy it/download it from somewhere and install it without an actual disk? If not, how can I find a disk drive that will work with my current OS (9.2)? Comp USA was of no help, they basically told us they had nothing we could use unless we were running OSX. But we can't get OSX without a disk drive! It's a catch-22!

    I have a Power Mac G3 if that matters. Hehe, as you can tell, I'm not very good with computers. My husband usually handles these things, but he worked on this problem for 9 HOURS yesterday, and wouldn't listen when I said "maybe this wont work"! I guess it's kind of like not wanting to stop and ask for directions, he thinks "any minute now" he'll get it working hehe.

    Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    if you have access to another mac, you can connect them via firewire cable and startup using target disk mode, and use that mac to install os x onto yours.

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    hmm... thats weird, it should be able to boot from the optical drive, is it Internal, firewire or USB? some of the older systems wern't bootable from USB/Firewire drives... and i think macman might be right, if you take your mac to compusa, they might let you use one of their macs to install OS X on your machine, assumign you;ve got the install discs, also is it an

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    Surely if the drive only works with OSX then you should be able to bootup from the OSX install CD ?

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