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    applications take long to open and my Mac freezes a lot
    Ok i have had my macbook for two years. I loved it until it started to die on me. First, the battery died, I cannot use my laptop unless it is plugged in and it does not even charge anymore. Second, It is noticeably slower than it was a few months ago. Safari no longer opens, application take long to open and it freezes a lot. I know having it plugged in all the time makes it slower because when it unplugs and immediately dies.

    Is there anything i can do? I want to clean it out and start it over all fresh, I know i might have to get a new battery but im considering just getting a new laptop.

    Will reinstalling OSX solve anything? If i do how do i save my itunes, photos, and documents?

    I also have world of warcraft which I do not want to lose.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Macbook isn't turning on...
    Ok its me again, i posted a thread earlier about problems with my macbook, no one replied to it?

    But anyways, it froze so i shut it down and restarted and it makes the turning on noise and gets to the white screen wit the small apple and the the circle thing that spins and it just keeps spinning, it doesnt go to the log in screen.

    Any help?

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    Invest in a new battery before anything else. If the battery is totally dead, your system probably is slower because your Mac will clock down the processor when there is no battery in it.

    Even if you want to get a new machine, a working 2 yr old MB will go for a good $500 and up to $750 if you find the right buyer.
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    i advise you to buy a new battery at first, and if you still have the same problem then you should buy a new macbook...

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferdalton123 View Post
    Ok its me again, i posted a thread earlier about problems with my macbook, no one replied to it?

    Any help?
    Please be patient.
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