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Vanderdecken 04-09-2009 10:59 PM

While running 10.5 on one HD, can I boot to another HD running system 9?
I'm trying to see if I can setup my computer in a certain manner so that I can run OS 10.5.6 on one hard drive and have the capability to reboot my computer from another hard drive that is running system 9.2.2.

Here's my basic setup: I have a duel processor G4 MDD (2 x 1Ghz) with an 80gb ATA drive set as the master w/slave, with system 10.5.6 running on it. I have a second ATA drive set as the slave that I want to install system 9.2.2 on and be able to boot back and forth between hard drives. Is this possible?

I've been trying to install system 9 on the second drive but have been unsuccessful so far with messages that say I can't run this system on my machine. I first tried to install before the second drive was formatted at all (fresh out of the box from OWC). Then I formatted it while running 10.5.6 as a single partition with OS 9 drivers and still could not get it to show up after booting from my system 9 disks.

Any help, advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


baggss 04-09-2009 11:26 PM

Set the secondary drive to "Cable Select" vice "Slave" and see what happens.

There is no reason you should not be able to boot from an OS9 instal disc and instal OS9 on the secondary drive. I assume this is what you are doing.

harryb2448 04-09-2009 11:48 PM

Is your machine by chance the FW800 model 1GHz DP? Classic OS 9 is not bootable on FW800 machines.

Apple Power Macintosh G4 1.0 (FW 800) Specs (Firewire 800 - M8839LL/A) @

Vanderdecken 04-09-2009 11:59 PM

Hello and thank you both for your replies. My computer is the Apple Power Macintosh G4 1.0 DP (MDD) Specs (M8689LL/A).

I'm going to double check my jumper settings and make sure I have them in the correct order. About using the cable select setting, I'm not familiar with how this works but I did a little research and found a place where it said that cable select would be used on both drives if I go this route. Is this correct?

Also just to confirm I have my master/slave settings right, am I correct that the master drive is at the end of the cable and the slave in the middle?

Thanks again for your help.


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