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    Unhappy "Open With" On mac OS
    i have created a Mac OS application using XCode to Compile and Qt Frameword to develop

    i am facing a major problem regarding the "open with" command on Mac OS

    first of all , my application is supposed to support type files such as "djf" files

    if i open my program and work on it for a while , the user has the option to save his work file as djf files

    now if the user clicks back on the djf file , my application is supposed to open and load the djf file clicked by the user

    the first problem that i am facing is that , the "open with" command on MAC OS is graying out my application so the user has to change the options on the top from "Recommended applications" to "all applications" so that the user will be able to click on my application and select it

    the second problem that i have is that even though the user selects my application, my application opens a new instance of it self rather than loading the file being passed as an argument using the command line

    i did few tests on my application and i found that my application never receives the file name as an argument in the main.cpp and that was the reason of why it doesnt load the file

    i did few more tests using the command line of mac OS where a user can simply say:

    open -a [application path/] [argument "file name"]

    i noticed that my application never receives [argument "file name"]

    then i noticed that if you remove "open -a" from the command line and just keep [application path/] [argument "file name"] while diving in to the

    this will certainly pass all the parameters needed and my application will load the saved work document to be edited once again

    so i am pretty confused , why "open -a" is not passing the right arguments

    please note: that open -a only passes two arguments to my application
    1- the application path
    2- a wierd argument which says "psn_0_xxxxxx"

    but as soon as you type in the command line [filename]

    this will pass the right arguments to my application

    if some one can answer my question that would be great


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    What is your question?

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    the question is

    how can you open a file type with a specific application

    because its not working for me

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    I don't know much about OSX programming, but you may have to do something, perhaps a plist or something, that notifies the system that your program should be associated with those files.

    Unfortunately, your question extends beyond the just open a file with a specific app, since you are able to do that but it is launching your program in a separate instance (which also might imply that you may have to identify if your program is already running and pass the handle to the existing instance of your app).

    Unfortunately, your question is more suited to a developer forum rather then a users forum Have you given apples developer forums a try on your question? I know Apple has a set, and there are a few other forums out there for OSX developers (doing a quick google search on OSX Developer forum) - you might be able to get a more accurate response to your issue...
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    thanks a lot Nethfel I'll try that out

    maybe the MacOS forum is the place where to post such question

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    This is something that has to be set programmatically (I think). I would also suggest going to a forum that talks specifically about Qt or a Qt mailing list. I'm sure Trolltech/Nokia has one.
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    i have done this already and i am going to let you know if i find a solution to benefit every one

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