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    How to Delete Mail from serve and keep it in Mail
    In Entourage I could delete mail from the server and keep the mail in my deleted folder. Every couple of months I'd clean out the Deleted Mail Folder. This is a great way to insure you don't accidentally lose something you need.

    In Mail it seems that the only way to delete it from the server is to delete it from the trash. This also gets rid of the only copy in your Mail program.

    Is there any way to get it off the server without deleting it from Mail?

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    Assuming that this is a POP account, you can set mail to delete the messages from the server as they are downloaded, just leaving the copy on your computer.

    It looks like IMAP accounts can do the same, just move the deleted messages to the local trash and save a copy to delete as you choose. Under the advanced tab there is a checkbox for leaving deleted mail on the server, that probably needs to be unchecked.

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