First of all I am in no way a mac user, I probably have no more than 2-3 hours of experience using mac OS's. That being said my friend mom just got comcast high speed, and a mac book. I told her I would set things up for her, because she is completely computer illiterate. I ran into a little trouble setting up her wifi.

Her son has a windows laptop, and as soon as they got comcast I was able to quickly set up his wifi connection by just using the wep key. Well I'm setting up the wifi on his moms mac, and it actually worked just fine, I was able to quickly get the wifi connection by just using the WEP key. She then wanted me to put on her new copy of Microsoft Office for MAC '08, and I went ahead and installed it. After the installation Office made me download their 100 meg update, so I put the laptop aside as it downloaded, and went to work on setting up her new printer.

After about 10 minutes of letting the mac download the update I went to check on it, and it had lost its connection, and it wouldn't re establish the connection. And at this point it hasn't let me establish the connection ever again. What ever I do all I get is:

"An error occurred while trying to join "jimith87". Please try again.

When I go into airport to look for wireless networks it displays the available networks, including their network "jimith87", and it happens to be WPA2 enterprise, and it makes me enter multiple things, not just the WEP key like I did before on the mac, and on the windows machine.

The other weird thing is that I am able to easily get onto MY wifi at home without a problem, it being just WEP secured.

So I have no idea what is happening, could it be Microsoft Office that caused this? Should I re install the OS?

btw I have no idea what version of OS10 this is running