Three months ago I replaced my MacBook internal 60gB drive with a 160gB as I was running out of room. Prior to the replace I made a full SuperDuper clone and updated my Time Machine backup. After the replace I restored from my SuperDuper clone and told the Time Machine to continue with the backup series from the previous hard drive as I had not changed the name of the machine.

In Backups.backupdb, I now have two folders:
2008-12-15 ### which contains folder MacBook 60gig (the name of the prior drive) and
2008-12-27 ### which contains folder 160gig (the name of the new drive)

which surround the hard drive swap date (12/26) as well as about a years worth of good backups before and after the swap.

Here are the issues:
When I enter Time machine it can't go back any further than the 12/27 folder even though it shows the earlier dates in the nav bar on the right.
Is there any way to stitch these two sets of backups into one?

The 12/27 Time machine folder contains a complete backup of the HD and the 12/15 folder has an exact duplicate of 55gB from the earlier HD. If I could delete the 12/15 folder, I could recover 55gB of free space but since my time capsule won't go back to that date in the finder, I can't delete earlier backups using the common method. Is there any way to delete the 12/15 folder directly?

If I can't get any access to all the backups before the HD swap, how can I delete them all?

I've googled the world as well as these forums and not come up with much yet. My Time Capsule is 450gB of 500gB full.

Thanks for any help.

Rick Clay