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    screwed up something with terminal
    i dont really know that much about computers and i was on this webpage.
    99 ways to make your computer faster. i tried typing something into terminal and i think that where i screwed up my computer. i typed " skip-verify TRUE" and hit return.i tried typing it a few fifferent ways like "" and "". i think ever since i did that my computer is not letting me open certain applications. java seems to be screwed up. when i try to open java it switches to terminal and this is what it says.
    i hope theres a way for me to fix this. if anyone could help me out i appreciate it

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    Well for one, both your links are not working. Anyway, if you know nothing about using Terminal and OS X commands from Terminal, then it's best not to use it. It's very easy to mistype something into terminal even when copying directly from a website.

    I suggest you break out your original install media and reinstall OS X. Be sure to backup all your data first - iTunes music, documents, videos, and the like.


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    chscag is right - the links don't work. The second one in fact brought me to a horrible lying ad about getting $11,668 back in taxes from the CDN government when clearly the cheque is for $2.48.

    I assume when you say " skip-verify TRUE" you mean you were changing a value in the defaults system with the defaults tool. In that case, have you tried changing the TRUE to FALSE and executing that?

    As an aside, although skipping the verification of disk images may speed up their opening, you probably shouldn't do it. The verification is there for a reason .
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    Terminal is a very powerful tool not to be mucked about with and as chscag advises leave it be!

    Pop in your Tiger DVD, format the drive and do a clean install is the best option.

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