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Thread: snow leopard vs Defaulf Folder X

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    snow leopard vs Defaulf Folder X
    I'd like to get your opinions on a Shareware option that you might find interesting. Default Folder X Default Folder X has some interesting features for embellishing the Finder and Spotlight functions. Most notably, IMO, is the ability to enter tags for files when you initially save them. Just as you might add keywords or search terms when import photos options in iphoto. Compare this to the "mop-up" work you'd be committed to if you used quicksilver or some other tagging program to tag things after the fact.

    But I'm curious, do you think it might be worth waiting for Snow Leopard to see if more metadata managing features are included? For starters, there's the matter of compatibility with programs like this and whether they're being actively developed. Secondly, with spotlight and boolean searching, apple is just so close to seeing the light on this feature. Thirdly, albiet a practically essential feature for those who are using a tagging structure as committed as anyone who might be using folders, nonetheless, do you think $35 is steep for this Shareware? I mean, let's face it, thats easily a 1/3 of the price for OS X for some rather specialized features.

    It would be great to get your opinion.

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    Closer than you think.
    I bought DFX with the Mac Update bundle. If you're concerned about development contact them. They'd love to answer your question I'm sure. As for cost, keep your eyes open at They offer shareware discounts all the time and DFX might be on sale for considerably less.

    Personally I don't use it because I don't like it. It just came in the bundle so I gave it a whirl. Don't count on Apple putting 100% of it's features in Snow Leopard.

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