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    Trouble opening applications
    Hello everyone. I can't get some applications that open on my OS (10.4.11) to open on my friend's computer (10.3). Is there something that i need to tweak first? I have no idea what would cause this to happen. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

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    which applications?? I know for example that Skype is only supported on newer OS X, I couldn't run it on an old g3 iMac with Panther (I think panther, miracle it works smoothly )

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    Like photoshop cs3, filebuddy 9 and hexedit.

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    For your friend's Panther Mac, check for older versions of software - as an example, OnyX 1.5.3, as opposed to 1.8.5. for Tiger. FB 9 says it works with Panther, but I'd go for an earlier version. I think your friend should also repair permissions (with OnyX).

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