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    Constant background sound
    Hi guys

    I recently upgraded to Leopard + iLife09, and have noticed (well, can't fail to notice!!) that there is a constant sound now in the background, a bit like water lapping against a boat, or someone having a bath! I have absolutely no idea where it came from, nor how to get rid of it! I've checked 'sounds' and 'screensavers' but can't seem to find the root of the problem...

    Anyone have any ideas? It's driving me nuts!!

    Many thanks

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    Go to System Preferences -> Accounts. Click on your user name, and then select the Login Items tab. If you have any programs listed, turn them off one at a time and reboot or all at once and reboot to see if the sound goes away.

    I don't know what else could be causing the sound unless you have some program that's generating it and running in the background.


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    Make sure you've re-booted. I've had some cheapo (not very will programmed) games, who's sound will continue playing in the background after closing until I restarted the machine (and couldn't find anything in Activity Monitor to shut them down).
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    Thanks, both - I've done what you both recommended and I'm pleased to report that the annoying sound has now gone, which is great. Many thanks for your tips!

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