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    Can I boot a new MacBook from a Time Machine backup?
    I'm about to get a new MacBook, but before I do, I'm backing up everything with Time Machine onto an external HD. This will backup all my files, folders, APPS, and settings (right?), but what about OS X itself? Or will I need an install disc to begin and then once OS X's loaded, I can export all of these files from Time Machine?

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    Not sure I understand what you're trying to do. Your new MacBook will come with OS X pre-installed. Why would you want to restore OS X from a Time Machine backup to a new machine? You can of course selectively restore applications and data from your Time Machine backup but you DO NOT want to restore OS X.

    The operating system probably won't restore anyway since it may be specific to your old machine.


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    When i bought my iMac and turned it on for the first time there were several start up questions. one was, "is this a replacement machine" or something like that. I said yes and was asked if i wanted to transfer all my files and settings from the old mac. I said yes, and was asked to start the old machine in target mode (you are told how) and to connect the machines via fire wire. All my files and settings including software i bought and loaded on the old machine moved over automagically.

    I dont know if this is still the case but it sure was slick.

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    You should be able to restore info from a TM backup when you install OS X. I can't remember if this is part of the setup process after you turn on your new Mac.
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    Boot up the new Mac and go through the setup screens. When the setup assistant asks if you want to migrate information from your old Mac, choose "From Time Machine backup or other disk.

    6 easy steps to migrate your Mac using Time Machine
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