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    Trouble restarting, lost my icons!
    I just bought my first Mac a year ago, to use for music recording. Lately, if I need to restart it, it will make the utopian "hello" sound, then just stay on black screen (fan comes on for a second, then goes off). I have used the force start and it usually works. Or if I leave it alone for a while, it will start up OK.
    Yesterday, I upgraded to 10.4.11 and also upgraded iTunes and Quicktime. When I went to restart, it wouldn't, so I force started a few times... no luck. I left it overnight, and it DID start in the morning, first try... BUT my desktop is blank (no icons) and it's back to the default wallpaper. My applications are still in the finder, but the docs I saved to the desktop are all gone.

    What to do, friendly Mac friends? Please help!

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    Is your HD still full? I mean the amount of info taking up space on your HD is the same as it was before your update?

    I recently did a stupid thing and changed the name of my home. That is a BIG NO NO because the computer gets all confused and wonders who's really in charge and creates a new admin account. The Admin home is never supposed to change. 10.5 can't be physically changed but 10.4 can.

    I went to the closest mac store and they fixed it for me. So I can't remember what the tech did but all your apps still being in the finder is a good sign.

    The force starting thing isn't a good sign though because that might be a HD issue.

    Sorry I couldn't be of better help.

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