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    Feb 03, 2008
    Dock somtimes disappears but comes back
    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Sometimes when I'm working, depending on the keystrokes I use (I think, though I haven't been paying attention, when I'm cmd+tab'ing to switch between applications), the dock will momentarily disappear, then reappear, 'rising' into place, like it does when you first turn on the machine. It's a new phenomenon. Can anyone tell me if this is a problem, and is it possible to fix?

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    Option Command D are the quick keys to turn Dock hiding on and off if that helps.
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    To me, it just sounds like you have the dock hiding function turned on. I wouldn't know though, simply because I'm not you

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    Feb 03, 2008
    The option wasn't turned on -- so it's something else. anyone out there have any ideas?

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