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Thread: Problem with DVD drive

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    Mar 05, 2009
    Problem with DVD drive
    there I was minding my own business, getting ready to burn a DVD in Toast 10 Pro when BAM! My DVR spit out the blank dvd and contiunued to do so with several others.

    what's it's problem!

    Macbook Pro
    10.5.6 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo
    2BG 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Any thoughts??


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    1. Try another brand of media.

    2. Buy a optical drive cleaning kit

    3. Change the drive.

    Should keep you busy for awhile.


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    Do 1 and 2 as suggested but before 3, what does Apple System profiler say about Disc Burning?. Optical drives do fail and from what one reads particularly in laptops unfortunately as they use a slimmer, smaller unit.

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