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Thread: Bugs and crashes after 10.5.6 upgrade

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    Bugs and crashes after 10.5.6 upgrade
    I upgraded my iMac (2.8Ghz, 4GB Ram) to 10.5.6. and notice some odd behavior and crashes today:

    Applications I use a lot every day (Entourage, Real Player, Firefox and Safari) crash a lot. E.g.: Real Player is just running in the background and died a few times on me today. Safari sometimes showed a white box instead of the context menu on right click and crashed right after that - when I restarted the app I only had a big white box showing (see attached image Safari_GUI_error.png). After quitting and restarting Safari again it looked fine.

    The menu bar icon for spaces gets messed up once in a while. it usually shows a white number with 4 black rectangles behind it - Mine was missing the 4 rectangles a few times today and just showed the number. A click on the icon brought the rects back. See Spaces_Error.png

    On my middle mouse button I show all spaces - for the first time today every 2nd or 3rd time I see one or two of the spaces just black or white. I have never had that before...

    Quite often the application switcher doesn't show up when I press "command+tab" - it does change to the next app but I can't see which one I select. It sometimes just comes back after a while but I couldn't see a pattern yet.

    ...all those things came up today while working on the Mac and I just updated it yesterday which makes me think it's related to that. Anybody else with similar behavior?
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    Go to the Apple web site and download the X.5.6 combo updater:-

    Mac OS X 10.5.6 Combo Update

    After update is completed, disconnect any peripherals other than keyboard and mouse and disable antivirus, if installed. Run Repair Permissions. Go to the Downloads folder and double click the combo updater and let it run.

    Machine will reboot, normally twice, and in its own time will progress to the Leopard desktop. Run Repair Permissions again, reconnect printers etc, enable antivirus and see if any improvement.

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    thanks for your quick reply. I will go through those steps and let you guys know if it helped!

    thanks again!

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    Thx so much harryb - seems like that totally fixed it! No more crashes since I installed the combo update and repaired the disk permissions (quite a few that were broken).

    Great job :-)

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