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    I am new to mac this week. My question is on the finder, left side bar where it show "today, yesterday,past week, all images, etc." Is this listing always growing or does it delete by itself over time??? Since photos and music is in itunes & iphoto should I delete this??

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    well that's up to you if you want to use the sidebar, for some people it can be useful or you can turn it of completely ... it shows your recent searches, or anything you open with spotlight, similar to Apple Menu/Recent Items

    oh and don't worry, it doesn't take up space, those are just links to the files

    press cmd+, to get setting for finder, might be helpful for you

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    The today, yesterday and so on show you the thing that have been modified or opened today, yesterday and so on. All images/movies/documents does the same for images, movies and documents.

    They won't go away but you can get rid of them by going to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar and unchecking them.

    Have a great time with your new Mac.

    EDIT: scathe beat me to it. A tricky fellow .
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